Sunday, December 11, 2011

the BEST high school dating advice for Girls.

yes, it's true. i know the ultimate secret to high school relationships. so little ladies, grab a pen and notebook and be ready to do some reading because i have a lot to reveal.

oh good, now that i have your attention lets get down to the real business. you few may have been too young to remember this post. but in somewhat we need to discuss somethings again, aiming directly on the high schoolers now.

dearest girls, i have a little something to say about high school relationships. if you like a boy, who tells you they love you and that you are beautiful and all these cute things, you are bound to fall for him. its basically every girls dream. but, if you want to keep him around, make him yours, you need to declare it that way. you know... BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND. and what happens when you don't? well then you are obviously just friends and thus allowing him to date and fall for other girls who he also thinks are beautiful and special. sucks for you to let him go. so now what do you do? get mad, try to get even, hate him, join with other girls against him, blog maybe?

well guess what? he isn't yours. i know weird right? you would think that since you guys like each other and you want to date around he will just wait around for you and let you have your fun and then you can come back and be all la de da.... WRONG. so now you are mad. and if you are so mad at him... stop talking to him. stop telling him everything is good. plain and simple. but you can't stop talking to him because you "love" him right? again, wrong. if you loved him, you would have him, you wouldn't have let him go, you would be ganging up on him either. so stop. because all of your whining about loving him and him being mean... its boring.

i semi-apologize for being so blunt but... you girls gotta get the truth somehow. im not here to say that high school relationships are of the devil because i am prime example of high school relationships, and through that profession i learned a few things. all i am saying is, stop the drama, stop the whining, stop the self-pitty, put on your big girl panties and take a hike! :) love you all!

simply honest,
sky :)

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