Thursday, November 3, 2011

tap or filtered.

i really don't like drinking a ton of water. i get sick of it easy. but now that i am realizing how important it is for my weight loss it will now be my goal. tomorrow i will start to chug water like my life depends on it, which it does and I will wash out all the bad toxins in my body.

Anyone have any other ideas on how to ensure i get all the water i need but keeping me sane?


Jamie said...

You will actually go INSANE in the beginning with all the bathroom breaks you are about to embark on. However, as you continue to hydrate your body...things will even out and you won't have to go as often. Make sure you ALWAYS have a water bottle with you and make a goal of having a certain amount completed before certain time frames. You will find that after a while of doing this...you will no longer find interest in other beverages and you will find an absolute LOVE for water! You can do this!

Batash said...

I'm doing the same thing! Try putting Chrystal light or some form of yummy flavoring just to spice things up.