Wednesday, October 5, 2011

days go by

i've got quite a few notes so buckle down and stop reading when you get bored.

note one. my letter never came. i will be honest, there have been moments of pure orneriness but i haven't been as bad as i usually am when these things happen. you should all be proud. it almost makes me nervous that some mexican somewhere is reading the juicy things cam puts in my letters and is enjoying the sd cards full of colby jack cheesy pictures we send to each other. hope that makes their day... if they can read the english.

note two. as of right now i would say i am living the life. reasons: i am sitting at my desk at work blogging while drinking diet coke and allowing german chocolates to melt in my mouth while it is raining outside. it is also payday. yes i know that all of you are now jealous of my quite entertaining life.

note three. i seem to be a rain, cloudy skies and sweats type of person. i know the grey skies and rain can result in sadness, depression, loneliness and pain... but to me it is calming and relaxing. i enjoy it without being a cynical person.

note four. so there is this man. he has really pretty hazel eyes and warm caramel skin and could be considered as a midget giant. and we happen to love each other.

note six. i seem to be stuck in this fairytale land of country music and the Country Strong soundtrack. i may listen to it over and over again in my car, everywhere i go. this could turn into another deep obsession. im okay with that. hence the name of this blogger.com post. (keith urban)

note seven. you probably did not even realize that i skipped note five. if you didn't realize it, thats okay, you are just as oblivious to the world as me, if you did notice... you are definitely smarter than a monkey.

note eight. today my mother sent me a video that made my eyes cry tears while at work. it was about missionaries coming home... enough said. i will post this beauty momentarily.

i hope this was enough to keep you entertained.
to be continued another day...

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