Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the work place

Just so you know before you try to figure out my madness of this post... keep in mind that you will not understand anything I say unless your name is Jessica, then you will understand. But for now there are some things to say.

I love the fact that I can search the accounts that each support rep has because then I feel like an undercover agent, finding all the lies and slackers out there claiming overload. It makes me laugh. What a great feature.

Some customers ask the weirdest questions and some are just down right lonely and need someone to talk to, even if that means being asked to go onto their blog, following it and having to reject offers to date their nephew going to BYU...I love you Ann. Really though... sometimes I wonder if I am the highlight of their day.

After going through numerous sifter issues, it makes me wonder if the customers even notice that their SR hasn't been working for nine months. Just a thought.

There would be only one thing I despise about SR... and that would be the Windent Sync. Which as of right now is running successfully. Shocker! Just give it a few more days and we will see.

Then there is Justine... work would not be the same without her and her Costco hot dog cravings, her back talking to mean doctors and simply those priceless Justine moments that keep me and Jess entertained all day. She is just great!

And to add to her greatness... I have my wonderful South Texas Dental docs who are simply crazy. And the fact that looking up their "baby daddys" was their favorite feature of SR just makes them that much more golden haha.

I love my job. I really do! What other place has Birthday lunches, Bagel Thursday, Football tailgate parties, and such great employees. Even Stephanie Core could not make me leave this place! I like it here and I am truly blessed! :)

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