Wednesday, September 28, 2011

thinking of the words.

somedays i sit and stare at my blog trying to think of something true and profound to type and declare. ninty nine point nine percent of the time nothing happens and i end up blogging about my not so extravagant life. not that i don't love my life, no life changing events have happened as of late. so i've decided to construct an experiment on this brain of mine. although this sounds like a writing exercise from your tenth grade class, it would be interesting to see how many different thoughts run through my mind in the course of five minutes. therefore, i will be typing anything that comes to my mind for five minutes and see what goes on up there. who knows, maybe i will come up with something profound. alright here we go...

tonight should be interesting as i have the house to myself. what should i do? what color should i paint my nails? if i paint them red will it seem like i am going over to the dark side and not supporting my cougars? my fish really isn't very nice to spock. his fins look a little bit better. i ate way too much for lunch today but i sure do love mint  chocolate chip ice cream i haven't had that forever. that night was so funny when me and cam got ben and jerrys and i went crazy off the sugar. he sure does love me. his birthday is coming up. mine is coming up! i really just want the lady antebelum cd. they are just lovely and their songs sing to my heart. i really need to clean my fish tank. i didn't eat my peaches either. well there is lunch for tomorrow. oh kickboxing tomorrow! i should really go running tonight but i just don't want to. i haven't rode in the jeep for a long time. it was kinda weird. i don't see how cam thinks we are getting a new jeep when he gets home. probably not. the flower screen on my phone is way cute and i love it. wow this is really random and i had no idea i thought about this many things at one time. i really need to get the food for saturday all figured out. what a busy weekend i have a head. i love weddings. i like to look at the brides dress. my brain hurts now. oh yay get to watch biggest loser tonight and think about all the yucky food i ate today. lovely. i really love making cupcakes though. fake eyelashes or no? would it be too much of a hassle. when i am rich i am buying all of the Shabby Apple's clothes. Spock really likes that hammock......stop.

Oh my wow. who knew my brain really goes that fast and crazy? I am seriously random and could probably go on for days. this could be a mental illness. cam loves me and my mom deals so i think we are okay.

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