Thursday, September 29, 2011


if you haven't noticed, it has been a continual battle between me and my blog... we are not friends right now and wont be until i find the perfect template.

also i really would like to go and spend a great amount of money on new purchases from Victoria's Secret. it may be a shopping night.

and if you have never had costco's "Chocolates of the World" go buy some now. they will make you fat and happy.

oh not to mention, i have 120 eggs and tortillas sitting in the refrigerators on the second floor of the building. no worries, just making some good breakfast burritos on saturday.

plus, i feel like shopping would be beneficial at this moment.

just to add... mom i promise i will clean my room before i go shopping, therefore you wont be so mad at me for going shopping


1 comment:

Jamie said...

Ummm...what time on saturday should I come for breakfast burritos? And yes...you should go shopping! Definitely GOOD therapy :) Love you!