Friday, August 19, 2011

All because she forgot her lunch.

Before I tell you anything I would just like to dedicate and blame this experience on Noelle Hunt. Thank you.

It starts out with me and my not-so-good pumkin and squash raviolis. Not the best lunch in the world, hence me throwing it in the trash having only eaten two and a half raviolis. Noelle, claiming she had no time to grab anything for lunch today, needed lunch... first mistake. We leave the building and head to her car. She drives... second mistake. As we are driving we miss the turn to go to JCW's and are left with two choices, a road leading to Iceberg and then onto the freeway. So into the construction zone/Iceberg we go. We pull into Iceberg... third mistake. As we walk in the stench of construction man sweat fills our noses and we find ourselves completely surrounded by manual labor men. Trying to ignore the mouth breathers we order our food. Not much to chose from. Whatever sounded safest. As we order and turn around to find a table, it is now swarming with gross, old, half mexican, armpit sweaty men. Great. We find a table at the end of the restrant, but to get there, you have to walk through the parade of construction vests.... fourth mistake. Each one of them checking us out. Its fine. So here we sit, Noelle dying of awkwardness. Me dying because of Noelle and bad food. So I whip out the camera. Once in a lifetime moment right? I didn't get very good pictures, but it's something. So of course we are trying to swallow our food while laughing. Not a great multi-task. Of course they all leave when we leave. Almost silence as we get into the car. and then.... BAHAHAHAHA bursts of laughter. What a moment. Why do we always get the entertaining lunches? Oh well... happy lunching!

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