Monday, July 11, 2011

we could all be a little bit more drama-less.

i have contemplated the word "drama" quite often. it seems to creep into my life at such unexpected times and likes to play a few numbers on the stage of my life. what does this word mean? does it have meaning? or is it something made up for the satisfaction of man kind? see, i tell you, much contemplation. from what i have gathered, it is something i can live without. completely. something that needs not be a part of my life. so i will not let it be. life should be full of fun, love and laughter. this thing that some crave, has only negative side effects. that doesn't make one happy. it drives unhappiness and depression. two things that will not exist in my life at any time. so i pledge to never, ever allow drama to show up in my life again. life is to beautiful. and with this pledge, it will be the plague to me. hated and avoided.

social media, i feel, has been a controlling factor in the increasing amount of drama. i make this statement by opinion only, but it makes perfect sense. does it not? why does one comment about every single thing written online? why do we FB and Blog stalk? i am a perfect example of these and i am not saying that it is a bad thing. but. it has occurred to me that people are taking way too much interest in the life of others, whether it be worshiping it or destroying it, than their own. its a sad, cruel world and i don't believe that social networking was made to make it worse, but it is. so i just have one thing to say. people. take care of yourself and others around you. don't be involved in others lives so much. be nice and kind. and to be blunt: grow up. thank you.

note: this post was not intended for a specific person or group of people. it is an opinion and observation recorded with words. do not take this personal in any way. grow and learn and help those along the way.

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