Tuesday, July 12, 2011

lets compare.

after i tell you about my night you are going to compare it to yours and realize that i had a pretty good night. allow me to explain.

[point one] i come home to a package from one of my best friends from Texas. She has taken the time to write me a little note, and make me the most adorable blanket with yours truly, rainbow cupcakes and my favorite pink fabric on the back. how blessed i am with such wonderful friends. kye, your an angel! it is beautiful people like her that give me that personal reality check and really make me wonder if i am being the person that i need to be. right now, its a big fat "no" but there is always room for improvement and a goal to reach! those eyes glancing about these words, watch out, some service is about to be served.

[point two] my miracle of the day. as many of you may know, i am to receive a letter every week either on friday or saturday from the love of my life who you should all know very well by now if you are an avid reader of mine. to my dismay, it never came. monday: nothing. i even asked him about it and he confirmed that he had indeed sent a letter and that i should have it by now. today it didn't come. i even prayed this morning that my letter would magically appear. as i sat in my room watching the latest videos from the boy, my mom is calling to me. i meet her at the top of the stairs and in her hand she holds gold. my letter! it had been stuck in an add so she had not seen it and thrown it in the garbage. she just happened to think about it and look through all of the garbage, in success finding my letter. it magically appeared. prayer is real, never doubt.

[point three] i decided that a facial mask was overdue and needed. so i sat, writing my letter, with a purple and hard face. it felt numb to the world. the hardness of the mask kept my face in place so well, it was almost unbearable. but indeed my face is smooth and soft. too bad there were no cucumbers. it was still enjoyable.

[point four] spending time with the family. family is my life and crucial to my happiness. i am blessed with such a loving, caring, supportive, and sometimes air-brained, clumsy and plain weird family, but i would not trade them for the world. they are so cute, every single one of them. they make a lot of my dreams come true and have taught me everything i know. so in weird and silly times, you can mostly blame my dad.

see i told you i would win. try and beat that. nope you lose i win. okay we can tie if your was really that good. it was nice to just relax and think a moment about life, the future, myself. it is all coming together the way it is supposed to be. i am stable, in every area. physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. which doesn't happen often, but is here to stay for a long time.

i simply want to quickly give a warm thank you to those who read this and acknowledged my work, dedication and heart put into this. i will be the first to admit i am addicted to my blog and the written word, but i love it. i may have my own special kind of writing that many professionals may not like and that is alright. i may not capitalize or place punctuation correctly. this is my blog and it is me. i know how to do those things but as 2 nephi 2 says... we have our free agency and we get to make the choice. so i just want to say thank you to those who have commented on my writing, and cared about what is written. it means a lot. much love!

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Jamie said...

I love you Sky! Your are such a FABULOUS writer and I am in deep envy of that :)

PS...thank you so so much for your SWEET email!! Just knowing that you and Cam are on me and Clint's cheering team makes it so much better!

Keep being who you are...cuz my dear, its PERFECT!