Sunday, July 10, 2011

and a little bit of NEON...

i made neon cupcakes :)
pictures to come later.
they made me happy.
happier than being a fatty around all my friends.
but the binge is over.
time for a new start.
heck week (supposed to be the swear word, but i can't say it.)
yes, heck week
with mindy ann.
this sure is going to be interesting, if she shows up in the morning.
we will just have to see!
yay for getting skinny!
[encouragement and help needed. please keep me going on my journey to get healthy again. join me as well! we can do it together.]

on another note, tithing was paid, the talk was a success, and kyle's farewell was bearable. overall this sunday was a sweet cupcake success.

just a ps. to those who have questions about the chandler situation, i will only say this once so pay attention. it is over. it was a moment of stupor of thought but i have realized my faults, cam knows everything and we are better than ever! chandler is gone and moved on and i am happier than i have been in a long time. so please, lets put it in the past and let it be. no more questions, its a moved on topic. thank you. i know you just care, much love.


Suzette Rovelsky said...

Gosh, I love your enthusiasm in spite of adversity. I know, I'm trying to lose some of those extra pounds, and it's the hardest thing to say, "Alright, I screwed up. But, I can do better this week."

And you just have a maturity in private matters that I wish I had! I seem to want everyone's advice and input, which messes things up even more. You trust yourself enough and just go with it!

.just.sky. said...

It is not bad to ask for advice at all dear! Just sometimes you have to trust yourself and the lord, who is helping me through all of this and just have faith!! And heck i have a lot of pounds to drop, but hard work feels great! so we just gotta keep going! Like my mom says... everything in moderation. Miss you! :)