Monday, July 4, 2011

two. and maybe a point three.

My first love...

I will call this my first child love, because there is only one man I have ever truly loved. And mentioning him on here wouldn't be fair to those childlike loves we all have.

number one...

Kyle Mark Tucker,
This moment of adorement started seventh grade year of my schooling career. New school, new attitude, and new boys from the other side of state street. He happened to be in my stake.

I loved him immediately, love at first sight so you could say. Long, swoopy hair, Jordan Tee's and basketball shorts... back in those days you never saw him in anything else. He refused it. He would call me when I was babysitting, made me memorize his address and also had us match clothes one day.

One Friday he made it official-"going out" status. The wonderful romance lasted a long seven days. And then he broke my heart. I went home crying and my mom was so sweet about everything, even asked me if I loved him. Of course I loved him, I was twelve!

The next day (thus being saturday) he went to my friend's party, me being too upset to go, and asked out every single one of my girlfriends, in that one night. Yes, a player indeed. But did I care? I loved him. I loved him until highschool, and then finally jumped into other relationships, and found that Kyle was not the boy for me... Just a young romance.

We did go to Sadie Hawkins dance together, and that was the end of that.

Series of events struck after that and since then our friendship has never been the same but my first love he will remain.

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