Monday, July 4, 2011

point 3 cont...

Fourth of July festivities were a success.

  • sleeping under the stars with Tazz
  • Tanning at the butt crack of dawn
  • Denny's with the parentals
  • Transformers 3.... exceptionally made
  • nappy time
  • BBQ with the wonderful family
  • memories and new traditions
  • running from terror fireworks (videos up soon)
  • aerials 
  • watching dad cry from laughing from Finding Nemo
Although very un-traditional for the Cox family, it was an overall fun and relaxing day. Pictures and Videos soon to come.

One thing that was on my mind today though is my sweet Cameron. Last fourth of July with him is so fresh in my memory and I remember everything from that day. So today was very bittersweet 1. knowing he isn't here to enjoy family time with me 2. also knowing there is only 1 more fourth of July until he is home. Holidays are always hard, but knowing what is to come is completely worth the wait!

Another thing that was on my mind tonight while listening to all the fireworks going on around the neighborhood was Iraq. As I listened to all the booms and blasts going on I thought about how the Iraq Soldiers hear that every single day, but it is not from fireworks, but actual bombs. Tonight we were laughing running for our lives from the fireworks, they are running to save their lives. How blessed we are to have such brave men and women out fighting for our country! God Bless!

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