Saturday, July 16, 2011

a toothless wonder

I will try to explain how incredibly interesting my experience yesterday truly was.

My alarm clock was set for 3:30 am. giving me plenty of time to take a shower, do my hair, get back into sweats, because there was no way i was wearing anything else, and leave the house by 4:30 am. the alarm went off a few times and i finally arose like a zombie from the dead at 4:15 am. no shower, i really didn't want one anyways. i expected nerves coming from every part of my body, nothing. i was ready. brushed through my not-so-bad-shockingly hair, changed out of cam's clothes into my sweats, did some teeth brushing and we departed at approx. 4:45-ish. am. [note: this is taking place in the a.m. very early]

We arrived and sat in the car for a while, assuming they weren't open yet, when in fact they were, at the back door. we managed to set off the car alarm while exiting the vehicle at 5:39 am. go us. we (i guess i should note "we" encompasses myself and mother dear) are taken to my lonely, ghostly room. #15, although the door says only 1. the 5 is missing. we sat on the bed, which was frighteningly similar to the wonderfully hard bed at college, and talked about the wonders of life. what a great mom i have. it was quite the wait and mom isn't as patient when it comes to these things as i am. she was quite amusing standing in the doorway and pacing the hall a few times. I was able to relieve myself, check my alcohol assumption, which you all know was a big fat 0, grab my ipod and taken upstairs.

This was probably the most interesting experience of it all. i felt like i was in a horror movie, me being the next victim. as we walked, in a line, through the surgical are to the waiting room, the sight was beyond creepy. white rooms with white tile, open doors, each room with a patient in their pale blue operating chair, raised and declined. a laughing gas mask strapped across their face which looked more like an octopus's tentacle constraining them to their death. two docs stand by with heavy metal tools in each hand. we enter the waiting room where everyone's face is struck with fear. i didn't understand. mom told me this wouldn't be such a scary thing. then, the noises. drills and cracking. i can handle that, i've been used to that with these teeth of mine for years. but then i heard it, yells, cries, screams. she was freaking out. the drilling stopped, the docs tried to calm her down. she stopped and the drilling began again, so did the cries. by then i was completely engulfed in nerves and worried thoughts. two things going through my mind. 1: Heavenly Father please help me through this. 2: Oh shi.... what have i gotten myself in to??

I had been waiting no more than four minutes when they called my name. now im a complete wreck. shaking, but playing it off well. the doc, who at first i despised because he was not very nice, notified me that they would only be taking out the left side, which on a positive note is the side with the pain so that would be gone but negative, i have to do this again and at that moment i was expecting the worst: death. i panicked. i kept asking the doc questions and he was slightly rude how he commented back. i asked if they would let my mom know that they were only going to take one side and he wanted to just stop everything and make me wait longer but i told him to keep going. i may have shed a tear out of fear and disappointment, but i was fine. i put one earphone in from my ipod, i couldn't tell you what i listened to over my nervousness and the cracking from my teeth, and they numbed me up. im overly used to the numbing, but he, the doc i dislike, was pretty harsh with that thing, poke happy is a good statement. and then, i was numb. he let me know that he would be checking to make sure i was completely numb and i swear ten seconds later he said "top one out" what?! alright. the second one was harder. lots of peeling my lips apart to get my mouth opened wide enough and cracking. and then, done. maybe ten minutes at the most. probably not even that. the doc became real nice after i was done... yeah i don't know. they had me sit on a chair right outside the room to wait for the rn to take us back to our rooms. next to me was the little miss that was freaking out. her expression can only be described as someone who just went through torture. pretty funny actually. i felt great. i was talking with all the docs and nurses. not as awful as my thoughts had prepared myself for. answered prayers.

I was led back to my room. shocked, mom noted on how normal i looked. oh thanks. i told her about the creepiness of it all and she enjoyed the stories. then we said goodbye. and then i was stuck. by myself. in that cold room that only smells like death, or a hospital, they are pretty similar. both things i very much dislike. i started reading my book i had brought to entertain me. nurses were in periodically asking me out my pain. which it was nice having company for a few seconds, noting that i was unable to have my phone, internet, ipod, time telling device... yes death. i felt like the numbing was never going to wear off. and even when it did, i was in more pain with my wisdom teeth before i got them out than i was after. now it was simply sore. they finally gave me my first dosage and started my six hour countdown. i wan't in excruciating pain, but i was hoping i didn't get the placebo. after about 3 check ups which was 15 minutes after my first dosage i felt the pain going away. before i knew it, gone. much happiness! by then i had finished a good portion of my book and watched most of legally blonde. not much longer after that i was able to order food. chicken noodle, jello and apple juice. mmm. i could have gone for a sweet pork quesidilla , but it wasn't on the menu unfortunately. my jaw, being sore for some reason, hmmm, couldn't open as wide as usual but i managed. now the check ups are further apart and im kinda done and ready to go home. im pretty sure i gave them the info they are looking for. now waiting. home and mashed potatoes. finally she let me know that i was able to leave in about an hour. thank the mountains. it was the longest hour of my life! but i was able to pack up and walk out to my mom. no big deal. i became $250 richer for those few hours of my life.

things are going so good. barely an pain meds, great diet, and just a little bit of swelling. the shakes and potatoes are good. but what an experience.

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