Monday, July 18, 2011

ya know... i may have been fired, but today i just quit.

okay here is the thing. i wont put out names because i think it is inappropriate, but i am a little bit discouraged. if i were to say something to this person's face this is what my words would consist of:

dear friend,
i love you like a sibling. i honestly do. we have been close and become closer with time. i know that you have hard feelings and amends have been offered, but shut down. this i don't understand with how you have been treated in the past. yet it is happening again. to be blunt, you are making a huge mistake, like those in the past and we are all a bit confused. i love you and want to help you but you wont let me in. and with this that you are doing, im done. i realize you have no choice but to deal with our situation and you will soon realize this as well. but for your current actions i cannot do anything but let you go. make mistakes. but if you get hurt, you can only blame you. im out. i love you but, i can't. sorry but this is my resignation as a sister and temporary friend. good luck and i wish you the best.
love your sis,
waiting for this to be over for good,

i know this is so vague. the situation is private, but too frustrating for me to keep inside. i only pray for the best and hope this all ends soon.

i know the title may have led you too other thoughts but i can assure you the job is great and prospering. i love it. sorry for the worry and confusion.

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Jamie said...

Sky...I am 94.6% sure I know this person you speak of. And honestly...it is good for you to detach yourself. You can not change another, when there is no door or window open! As long as they know that when they have resolved their issues and have MATURED enough to let things go...that you will be the open, caring, forgiving and loving Sky you have always been.
So...chin up and time to move on! Luv ya pieces! Muah!