Friday, July 22, 2011

lunch time with nell

Who knew lunch time could be so entertaining?
We are cooped up in our little cubicles and we are given an hour to roam free. 
On a usual day we take our little lunchies out to the grass and enjoy a lunch time nappy.
Not this day. 
Today we ventured out.
Into the wild.
And wild animals did we act like!
Well Nell at least.
I have decided to call her Nell.
It all started at the dell.
This is where I made my only little woopsie.
Unaware that the bathroom was only a single room,
I tried to walk right in after Nell.
Ordering our food was okay. 
No major problems there.
Until we decided outside would be the best venue for our lunch.
ignoring the wind and our over flowing burritos we ate. 
We were laughing about our co-worker Mike.
Sunked Syncs.
and then I realized it.
The bean.
She had successfully placed a bean from her burrito on her shoulder without even noticing.
talented woman she is.
what a priceless sight.
Then, me being the slacker of a dieter that I am wanted a little treat.
we made our way over the Maverick to take a gander at their selections.
this is where it all went down. 
We found the frozen yogurt machine.
decision made.
Nell took a small sample first.
I then filled my cup in such a wonderful way.
While trying to dodge the little girl who was so rudely interrupting my pouring. 
She really thought she was princess of the frozen yogurt machine. 
After a few minutes of dodging this little "precious" my cup was done.
Nell was immediately jealous.
[note: we had basically already eaten half of hers already]
So what happens?

No this is not the one she walked out of the store with... 
exactly what she did is a secret.
We then are ready to purchase these beauties 
I offer to buy Nell's and of course she argues with me.
The cashier is getting flustered. 
So I looked him in the eye,
gave him "the glare" as cam would have put it,
and he allowed me to pay for both, 
although the price was not correct as I realized this heading out to the car.
It was way under what we should have paid.
We just get in. 
back to work now.
I am now clocked in and blogging about this experience because I don't want to do anything and no one is doing anything anyways.
my skype blinks.
" I was calling my training and eating my yogurt really quick while I was listeing to their answering service and when I went to leave a message I totally had a lithp......lisp cuz my tongue was completly frozen.....so funny and I couldnt just hang up or quick talking so I totally sound like a dart......I was embarrassed and laughing while I was leaving it!!!!!  Classic.!!!!!!  Blaaahhhhhahahaha"
Welcome to the life of us.

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