Friday, July 22, 2011

Shout Out: Brother Athlete

I will not be the first to say, my brother is a stud. True stud. Not the fake kind you find in the steroids section at Good Earth. My brother is the real deal.

Introduction: Tazz
Brayden was born October 20, 1995. We despised each other at a point, but are now best friends. I call him Tazz because I like it. It fits. It is short for Tazmanian Devil, see it fits. He is a little flirt, just like his sis. I call him my younger brother and he calls me his little sister. He is a tall one. He is athletic. He can play any sport you put in front of him. He is a baseball player. Focused and Dedicated. He has the speed of a cheetah and the heart and testimony of a giant. He is my example. Strong in every aspect. A leader. My brother.

Summer ball, Tazz is playing Sophomore, JV and Varsity and averages about 8 games a week. He was invited to the first round of the Baseball Academy All Stars prospect game and did great. Solid hits and an amazing right field catch. We were just notified that he has been asked to go to the second round now. I told you...stud!

His batting has been really off lately and we can't seem to find the problem. Then, this morning. I think he woke up and said, I am actually going to hit a ball today. Oh and did he hit the ball alright. Out of the field home run! Like way out of the park! The score was 7-10 for Skyline. Viking on second and first.  Home run! This hit literally saved our team from elimination. We screamed and cheered and the grin on his face was a proud moment for all of us. Congratulations younger brother!

"When you hit a home run, it's like this. You are running as fast as you can to first trying to watch the ball and the base and then you realize that the ball has gone out as you round first then everything just slows down."

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