Wednesday, July 27, 2011

it's the twenty seventh

if you were a stalker and read every word i posted on this here blog, you would be sort of creepy. but you would also know that the twenty seventh of each month is my favorite day of the year. why? well, me and cam call it our anniversary, but we can call it a monthiversary. we like to celebrate our love often. every month on the twenty seventh to be exact.

for our "monthiversaries" we would always do something special and spend the entire day together. now that he is gone it is a little bit different. i still dress up and doll myself up and do something fun for me. i especially like to buy something new. i make sure i enjoy my day of love. and i know he does too.

today, i curled my hair and got myself all did up. but other than that and the hundreds of calories of smart cookies i consumed today, it has been a pretty normal day, yet i still feel his love everywhere i go. what an amazing thing we have going for us.

happy "monthiversary" sweetheart. i love you :)

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