Thursday, May 5, 2011

still here.

if i were to record
this story of mine
my words would be endless
line after line
a few thoughts a day
could easily be done
something to look forward to
something potentially fun
if my life was a poem
written just by me
every truth would come out
for the whole world to see
such vulnerability 
is expected to arise
a description of this place
through the lens of my eyes
desires of adventure
a need to explore
there is so much to see
beyond the front door
the sun brings me happiness
the warmth on my skin
just waiting on summer
to finally begin
i wait for many things
summer and warm air
my one true love
and much longer hair
why am i lingering
time slowly ticks by
so much to see
no time for a sigh
i am an adult
and will do what i say
what i do is up to me
and determines my day
today i make a promise
to never waist time
if i have to change my life
i will make the climb
the things accomplish 
will never be ignored
written here after a day
i was never bored
so to those who have read
my small attempt to rhyme 
join me on my adventure
and forget about time
it is made up anyways
only God knows for sure
his time is all that matters
his gospel is the cure
to all our worries
our troubles and our cares
push through hard times
for one day we'll all be heirs
this mortal life is short
so begin this journey with me
to live the life we've been given
and move on to eternity
im still here writing
not ready to leave this place
preparing to take on obstacles 
i may soon have to face
i am a strong woman 
who has God on her side
though the way may be rocky
i will enjoy the ride
i was given this land for a reason
to see the beauty around
there are secrets and treasures
waiting to be found
i may not be perfect
world known royalty
but i will make a difference 
in the world and in me
my poems come from the heart
with only small intent
to show and motivate
a happy life well spent.

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Jamie said...

A-MAZING Sky!!! You are so talented!