Thursday, March 24, 2011

forced dreaming.

Have you ever waken up in the middle of a really good dream, when it started getting really good? I have many times so you know what I do? I force myself back into the dream! I don't know if others do this as well. It almost sounds supernatural but it is what I do. I close my eyes and replay the dream in my mind, forcing myself to drift back into a deep sleep and back into the dream. This is what I did today. I woke up just as my super-power boyfriend, Cam of course, was about to make me stay home from an important mission and not let me go with him.  I was totally into this dream and I was not going to end the dream without getting my way! So I made myself drift back into the dream and ended up sleeping another 2 hours... which were probably needed! Of course it ended with me getting upset and him telling me that I needed to stay home and that he would be back to take me all over the world (because he has super speed flying skills) and that he loved me. Other than the fact that this dream is frightening similar to my current life, I decided to google it. Come to find out the person with the super powers is the one gaining confidence, self-esteem and increasing skills. Which I know Cam is doing for sure... so then there is me. Basically what I get from this is that I need to develop some type of super power... where's that pixie dust? I do believe!

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