Sunday, March 27, 2011


Warning: this post is about to get a bit mushy. If you are not a fan of love and the happy feelings you get from it, I advise you refrain from reading any further.

Happy 10 month Anniversary to my dearest Sweetheart, Cameron James Hunt!!! He is honestly the love of my life and I can say this with all the confidence in the world! He has been there with me through so much and we as a couple have been through more than a couple should be able to stand, making us the strongest I have ever known. I got the best letter and SD card from him this weekend!! It has almost been 5 months and I often get asked if I don't love him as much because he has been away, if we are changing so much we don't really know each other or if I am second guessing waiting for him. These are all false. I love him more now than I have ever loved him in my life! He is always with me and I can always feel his love! Waiting for him is honestly been so easy because I know exactly what I am waiting for and I know it is so worth it!! Yes we are changing so much, but we are still the same Sky and Camo. We are both growing individually and also as a couple! I love him and thank my Savior for him each and every day! What an amazing spirit Cameron has and those who know him can most definitely agree! Those of you who don't know him... when he gets home you will want to get to know this amazing man! I have the honor of calling him mine and I am so blessed!

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