Monday, March 28, 2011


Last Saturday was a splendid day!
I got to sleep in which is always wonderful!
Then I took my mommy lunch and we sat and talked for a while. I love her so much!
Then unfortunately my brother's games got canceled so therefore I went to Cameron's house :)
I looked at all his new pictures and watched his amazing videos! Gosh I love that man!
Then we made homemade pizza!! mmmmm pisha pisha pisha!! haha :)
Then Me, Jimmy, Noey and Chad went bowling and it was so fun!! I totally lost the first game but dominated the second one! Chad almost fell on his face twice! It was way fun! Then off to yogurt bliss!! :) Yay yay!!
Small melt down that night because I missed my Tamo but sweet kye took care of me :)
And then to sleep I go :)

I am definitely going to need a nap today!
But I have lots of motivation!
Skinny here I come! :)

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