Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 12!!

Hey everyone things are going great ok first off before i forget to tell you today i bought some things and im not going to spend any money for a awhile i got some boots and a soccer jersey cause everyone has one so now were legit!!! But im doing great we had our first baptism yesterday with our investigator her name is Nora lucano and just is going to be a solid member of the church and her testimony is so freaking strong its crazy she is like the book of mormon makes so much sense and makes the bible easier to understand and me and elder gomez were like why can't we always have investigators like that!! oh my heck yes we felt the effect of the weather here it was really like 29 degrees here and everything got shut down and it was just crazy than we had to go home on friday i think because the rain was freezing to our cars and we couldn't see they shut down schools and everything so it was hard we had to go and buy some cold gear stuff to go and contact or tract so that was not a fun day for us but that is ok its hot now its about 70 and were just climbing!! yes mom i got pics of our baptism so no worries ok haha i take pics of everything that we do now you should like this SD card that i got coming soon for ya'll!! ive actually been losing weight i don't know why but i havent been excersing or anything but even our investigators have said what the heck happened to you your losing a lot of weight i can see it in your face and you don't really have a belly and all that stuff its really weird i dont know whats happening hahah!!! but its ok i actually yesterday had to tighten my belt to another noch so now im on the 3 one and so i think i might have to go and get my suits tailered to fit or something i don't know we will see but ya thats good and its not even summer so im just going to be sweating it off this summer hahah!!! ya the clothes are getting really big its hard my shirt won't stay tucked cause the belt is not tight enough and its almost like a tent but i dont know its weird to explain ahahah!!! im going to send you a package will a couple things for all of you haha funny stuff i got some good things hahah!! thanks dad for all that stuff that you wrote me you better watch out cause when ya'll get to texas ya'll are going to get the biggest hugs of your lives but jimmy things are awesome down here in texas its very hot and alot of mexicans i love them though they are the most humble people down here and you will see some of the areas that i contact in there really ghetto and we get chased by dogs all the freaking time and they all have really really big teeth and me and elder gomez just beat them on the head with our scrips or i just huck a big rock at them and we always get chased on our bikes maybe that is why im losing so much weight running away from them haha!! but no i haven't seen any snakes yet its still to cold but they will come out!! haha but the bugs here are disturbingly huge like the other day i saw a cochcroch and it was big enough to freaking fit in my mano (hand) but ya they are really big and the Texas red ants down here are huge the heads on those puppies are scary you can see the teeth without a magnifiying glass but ya thats really cool and funny haha!!! but things are going really good i don't think the food is that good back home compared to the food i eat down here i got to try this stuff called barbacoa which is head meat off the cow and that was really good in a taco thats all i eat is freaking tacos down here haha but that is ok i love them!! and the salsas down here would kill dad they make you sweat and you start to panic cause you don't know if you can eat anything else and its just awesome and that is why i love Texas oh really quick story we were biking on saturday and we were locking up our bikes and this guy driving pulled off the side of the road and came up to us didn't say anything and just pulled out this envelope and it was pictures of this bright fuzzy light and all the fotos were fuzzy but it was a bright light and five pics later there was a man with old robes on on side was red and it looked like Christ and he said that this was takin in mexico by his brother and said that this little town had a lady who was about to die of cancer and this man appeared she went to the hospital after he left and she didn't have cancer any more and he said it was Christ he was weird but ya crazy he gave me the pictures as a gift and i got them at the house really cool though were going to teach him cause i asked if we could come back over hahah!!! i can't wait to talk to him but ok i gotta go the time is about out i love you all so much and i thank God every prayer for all of you have a great week and be safe work hard and letters are coming i love you!!!!! :)
Love your giant missionary in Texas, Big boy Camo!!!!! Yeeeeeeeee HAAAAAAAAAA

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