Monday, February 7, 2011

Two weeks ago

ey everyone what is going on hahaha!!! Ya things are going just great here sorry i don't have that much time because we had to do a servay but i have letters coming today has just been crazy wow!!! But ya elder gomez is really funny hahah he kinda is like pedro off nopeleon hahah but he is way cool and very hard working and obedient!!!! Yes i do know transfers are on the 22 of feb. and that is when we get transfered!! i will let you know they go every 6 weeks on a tuesday so that is how you will know if i get transfered and i will tell you if i get sent to another area but i highly doubt it cause we are tearing it up! as a mission we had 114 baptisms this month that has never been done before which is really cool we are working very hard and everything is starting to pay off!! ya we have a couple of new familys that we are teaching most of them are spanish and im trying to do my best to learn spanish and everything which is really good!! we have a baptism this saturday for one of our investigators she was there before i came here and she is really cool her name is nora and she is spanish and is so solid her testimony of the book of mormon kicks butt and she is just so ready to change and to have a new life and everything but ya its doing really good its starting to get really really hot down here yesterday and today was 90 and sunny i was sweating my guts out playing soccer but no worries right hahah!!! oh that little girl in the picture we met at the restaurant that is the first little girl that i gave a ctr ring to her name is franchesca she is spanish speaking and the whole time elder gomez was talking to the parents and i was talking to her and she was helping me with my spanish and we talked about the lion king and how great of a movie it was and that was really funny she is very funny and always was laughing at me and i just was laughing the whole time!! i have no idea how i got a flat they said i didn't have enough tire pressure or something but i got it fixed i know who it was though satan he has been working on us so hard this week me and elder gomez are just exhausted with people being so hard to work wtih and all of that but we just had to find the strength to keep going through prayer and all of that reading and going to church!!! but ya that is what we have been doing!!! i cant believe tomorrow is febuary!!! i hit my 3 month mark pretty soon it doesn't seem like its been that long hasn't it??!!! wow time is just flying but that is a good and bad thing because its just amazing down here just really hot hahah!!! hey mom ya my bike has a water bottle and cage thing but i took it off because i have my camel back so no worries that is all i do is drink water but the water down here taste really nasty so i just make kool aid!! hahah!!! but ya jimmy that is cool that dad beat you haha you need to start praying harder dad just keep on wooping him so that he can be humbled hahah!!! ya i got the clippers to cut elder gomez's hair from one of the elders in my zone!! my zone is so cool and everything is going just great i love it here!!! OH i had my first texas bbq its so different than what i thought cause the valley does bbq different down here they have a big tupper wear bowl and than they grill chicken sausage and this stuff we call down here fajita which is beef skirt i think and it is better than anything that i have aten in my entire life you will die when you have a taste its really cheap down here any were else its really really expensive but ya thats good and the oranges down here are the bomb.com and i just love them and we get feed alot by the members here i get so full and i don't really eat anything my stomach i think shrunk from the MTC but who knows!! Spanish is coming along just trying to speak it to everyone and get used to the slang they use down here but oh well hahah!! that is just part of the experience right!! im so glad to hear that you all are doing to freaking well like that is just great to hear that your family is doing spiritually and physically doing well and dad your the best for taking my challenge to read the scriptures i promise as you read the scriptures you will find the truths and answers you pray for daily!!! alright well i gotta go im out of time but i love you all so much and i will right you and send that off today!!! Thank you all for everything if you want to read something funny in the scriptures look of zachariah 5 verse 1 its the worlds first food fight this is what missionarys do in there spare time!!!
I love you all have a great week and talk to you next week,
Love your son, Camo

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