Monday, February 28, 2011

Shout Out to a Best Friend!

Kylie Cash :)
Probably the sweetest person you will ever meet!
She is honestly the best girlfriend I have been looking for my entire life! She is an amazing listener and we have so much in common.... except for the fact that she is about a head shorter than me haha :) But I really am so grateful for her! She is one of the big reasons I am staying at BYU!! We are so silly when we get together and have been daily workout buddies and motivators for 4 weeks now!! Go us!! haha We really have done so much together!! From cooking to front row seats at the BYU vs Utah basketball game, sub zero runs and visits to the temple!! I loved staying over with her when all my roommates were gone! haha Us carrying over my mattress late at night that was funny!!! I can't wait to go and visit her in Texas!! It will be such a blast and I am so so excited!! :) I love you girl!! :)

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