Thursday, February 24, 2011

Perfect Fairytale :)

Basically my life could not get any better right now!!
First of all I am staying at BYU and I am so thrilled about that!!
I have officially declared my major!
I have such a fun job and I love it!
I am waiting for the most amazing man and I love him!!
Time is going by so fast!!
My family is the best you could ever ask for!!
I am going to be the next Betty Crocker basically!
I have a best girlfriend I can talk to finally!!
I am getting into the habit of working out every morning!!
I feel just amazing!!
I know trials are coming but you know what??
They wont even phase me!
I am strong and ALWAYS have the Lord on my side!!
Life is beautiful!!
I am living my own perfect fairytale!!!
I love being this happy!!
Oh and this is where I am going to live in my fairytale someday :) hehe

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