Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life is Beautiful!

What a wonderful evening I just had with my family!! I love them so so much!! They really mean the world to me and I wouldn't rather be anywhere else than with them!! We all went to Misty's to celebrate Kate and Dallin's birthdays! All the little kids are so cute! :) We talked about me and Cameron's kids and how they are going to be so spoiled and how they are going to be such big chunks with dark skin!! haha I think they are going to be adorable :) kinda like this picture but more Indian than Samoan! :)
Then we had head stand contests and just played with little Jake like a toy :) :) So cute!!

Only a few more hours till I get to talk to my sweetheart on the phone!! I am going to try so hard to keep myself together!! I know that when I have to say goodbye I will breakdown and it will be hard but I am going to try to stay as happy and positive as I can!! He is finally headed out to Texas! It is so crazy how fast it really is going by! He has been out 2 months!! Only 22 left to go! I think that things will start speeding up now that he is going to actually be out in the field teaching and sending back stories and everything!! :) That makes me so happy! :) I miss him so much!! He is everything to me (right next to my family of course but he is family!) I feel so blessed to have the relationship that I have with his family! They are so kind and sweet to me and so welcoming! They are so sweet to let me go over there and take up some of their time to talk to him for just a few moments and tell him I love him!! What a strength he is to me and I tell him that everyday and remind him how special he is to me!! Ahhhh I am just so excited to talk to him!! :) :) :)

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