Monday, January 24, 2011

3 emails today!! :)

One for everyone, one for me... oh and another one for me :)

Hey everyone how is things going?? first off i have mail coming for ya'll today so be looking for that and im sending my SD card as well so that you can all see the stuff that ive been doing down here!!! Ya im not as bad being home sick so don't worry no worries hahah its ok now this is my home for now but ya me and elder gomez are doing great just working really hard we set 8 baptismal dates this week so now we have to get them all prepared and ready for baptism and than we are good to go just pray that satan doesn't try to ruin it for us cause he has been really throwing bad things down on all the good stuff that happens to us he is the freaking dirtiest player at this game but no worries he knows that he is not going to win that is way he trys so hard!! Elder gomez has been out for 17 months he goes home in august i think or something like that!!! Spanish is comning i practice and learn it everyday and than i use it with the people out here each door is different so you have to be on your guard to speak in spanish or english which is kinda fun hahahah!!!! i would say the double bar but i don't know your going to have to check that out and see what is going on cause im not there ask clint tomlinson and talk to him he will tell you what to do and i trust him with that ok sounds good!!! that stinks that its so cold down there im in 80 degree weather sweating my guts out riding my bike and stuff wow its crazy hot down here and its not even summer yet what the heck im going to freaking die hahah no just kidding ill be good!!! ya there is really great bbq and mexican food down here you just will have to come and try it for your selfs but i promise once you eat it down here you will not like the mexican food back at home hahahah!!! no i found out i can email but its just hard cause i only have 45 minutes but i wrote you all big old mail letters plus your going to get my SD card so hopefully you will like that!!! we have about a hour for each meal but its ok im starting to just experiment and elder gomez can't cook so im like turning into betty croker or something but he likes my food so i guess im donig great hahah i don't know i just got sick of mac so i went and shopped for stuff i make chicken tacos and stuff like that so i will see what i want today when i go to HEB its like a costco down here!!! wow cody just focus and have fun the rest of your senior season and have fun with everyone alright little brother all i can tell you is to pray to the lord and ask for guidance i promise he will give you it just like in james 1:5 look that up and let him help you thats all i do out here is rely on the lord and ask him for guidance ok you will be alright bro keep your head held high and you'll be ok i promise!!! lets see any funny stories well hahah i don't know i will think of something oh my back tire popped and i had to walk home for like 3 miles its funny i made a video of it wich is great hahah!!!! but other than that i will think of something funny that happend or a cool story and write you about it ok well i gotta go but i love you so much and be looking for my SD card and all that stuff dad your such a stud to for almost to second nephi!!! wow your the boss alright well i love you all so much and be careful!!!!
Love you big missionary son, Camo!!!! :)

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