Sunday, December 19, 2010

short thoughts. middle aligned.

Very tired from work today. 
Can't believe Christmas is on Saturday!
I love being with my family!
kinda sad i didn't get a second letter last week.
at least tomorrow is email day! 
kinda ruined my eating and working out over the weekend but it's okay not all is lost
i need to start playing the piano again.
my patriarchal blessing says so
ps the Provo tabernacle burned down if you weren't aware.
 it is so sad looking now
i miss my big Tamo!!
I love him so much!
I need to send his package tomorrow! 
So much to do but too little time!
I am sleeping in tomorrow and then running while doing laundry
and eating GOOD
I work so much this week it's crazy!
I don't want to go to the dentist tomorrow!!! 
I hope my mom doesn't make me! 
okay really time for bed now!

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