Friday, December 17, 2010

Family and Gratitude.

This will be a two part blog post.

First I would like to talk about family and how much I love my family! They are so amazing!

Mommy: She is the best mom you could ask for!! Even though we have been through really rough times, we have worked through things and she IS my best friend!!! I am so grateful for the things she has taught me and I can see my life benefiting from those things in my "moved out" life! I will forever in debted to her and hope to be at least half the woman she is! I love you!

Daddy: He is the most dedicated person I know with everything he does! He is dedicated to his work, his bishop work, and first and foremost, his family! I owe him my life!! He provides for me more than I deserve! I hope someday I will be able to pay him back at least half! And the man I will marry... I want him to be just like my dad :) 

Misty, Scott, Halle, Mathew, Dallin, Kate, Jake: I love you all so much! I have never been very close to Misty until everything with Jake, It was so nice to have that bonding moment with her. I love Scott! He is so sweet and knows how to make you laugh! Halle is just so cute and a wonderful little girl who cares for all her siblings. Mathew is just so smart! He is just like his dad and can really figure anything out and is always right. Dallin is one of a kind! He is a sensitive and silly little person! Kate, haha she is just a free little spirit and adorable!! And little Jake, What a little sweetheart! It was amazing to watch the little one come to this earth!

Kellie, Sterling, Kaylie, Brooklynn, Lily, Landon: Kellie is also one that I never was really close to until now! I love her and really feel like I can talk to her about anything! Sterling is just so funny and loving! I love that I can see him all the time because he works with dad! Kaylie is so gorgeous! I really am so jealous of that girl and love her to pieces! Brooklynn is like my little twin!! Seriously though! haha I love her little blonde moments, they remind me of my own!! Lily is so lovely, when she wants to be! haha even though she has her moments you know she still loves you! Landon... well I have yet to figure him out but I freaking love that kid haha he is so funny and the cutest little kid!!

Jamie, Clint, Brock, Kory, Rachel: I love Jamie! I can always talk to her and tell her everything! She is always there to listen and make me happy!! :) I love that I know I can always call her anytime and she will be there! Clint is the best dad for his kids and is so sweet to them! Brock is just this little ball of energy stuck in a small body! He really is such a sweetheart! Kory is so funny!!! He is so random and always makes me laugh! Little Rachel is just crazy and so freaking cute!!! You just have to love her even though she is a little stinker :)

Tazz: He is the best brother you could ever have! We are best friends and can tell each other everything! I will always be there for him and I know I can always count on him!! I know that he is going to be a very good example through high school and the rest of his life! I love you Tazz!

See!! Isn't my family the best in the world?? I love them so much and feel so blessed to have them as my family!! 

My next topic is gratitude.
I am so grateful for everything that I have! I am learning to be so grateful for really everything around me! Especially everything my mom has done for me and taught me! 

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Jamie said...

You made me cry Sky...I love you too! I am glad that I can call or text you anytime as well and you just KNOW all the right things to say. God was inspired to put us in the same family. Love you LOTS! And yes...we do have a GREAT family!!!