Monday, December 20, 2010

Elder Tamo's 6th email!

Hey everyone!!!!!! Im doing awesome right now hahaha I know i really can't believe that christmas is saturday that is just crazy to me wow that is going to be so freaking weird you have no idea!!!!!! ok i will be looking for my packages today hey thank you so much for the friday ones from you and grandma they were awesome no more energy drinks just regular ones!!!! Thank you mom for the presents they were awesome i loved them all especially the storys they were really heart warming and i could just feel the saviors love through those little storys!! Are you serious!!!!!????? Candy cane cookies oh my gosh i will freaking die if there is i love those i wont even share them with anyone ok possible my companions but oh well!!! Oh by the way i saw elder padilla the other day he is on like a completely different schedule we just saw him at the mail room so i went up to him and was like ok im going to test out my spanish to see how i really am doing!!!!! I barely understood what he was saying just cause he is from peru and they talk really soft spanish it almost sounds like they mush all the words together but oh well its going to be like that until im completely fluent but im trying very hard and its coming along i just have to teach by the spirit instead of worry about the spanish for now!!!!! ive stopped running but im playing intense basketball games and that makes me sweat like crazy so that is good and than about half way through i go and do abs!!! you can start to see my jaw line again you will see in the pics i send today, cause im sending a SD card to sky just cause she sent me videos and there on that but she will rely them to you ok!!!!! Elder Johnson is doing good so far he is kinda already sick of it here and i just make fun of him and laugh cause i have exactly 3 weeks today until im at the airport which is going to be good!!!!!! its snowing like a banshee down here at the MTC which is good ive been singing its beginning to look a lot like christmas and all the christmas songs i know it makes me want to go snowboarding so bad!!!!!!! Sky, wubby you better be ready cause when i come home we are going to the slopes and having a blast cause i want to go so bad!!!!! yes i need brandons address!!!!! i don't have it!!!!! and i need big mikes!!!!!!! no im pretty sure that you can still write me and that i will still get mail so no worrys but if that changes i will let you know!!!!! Things are just going great i really can't wait to get out to the field like enough is enough in here the first couple weeks are great but than after that its boring hahah but im just keeping a positive attitude and making the best of it!!!!! Any way oh sorry i haven't written you this last week ive been so busy and just trying to keep up but i promise i will do better i especially feel bad to sky sorry you have written me everyday and i still haven't written you or anyone for the most part!!!! But no worries cause im writing everyone today so you should be getting a letter here pretty quick!!!! IM not gonna lie it is different being here without family and just doesn't feel the same but i know the time will fly and so im not to worried about it!!! any who!!! Hows the christmas preping going??? Getting ready to head to grandma jolleys and have some good food while once again i get a sack dinner for christmas hahah!!!!! OH by the way before i forget thank you so much for that SD card that you saw me and the love that was put into that Choking chin wah hahah!!!!! That look so dang good i wish i was there and the lights at temple square were amazing and i wish i could see them in real life!!!!! Tell uncle bone and the fam i said hi and jacks is getting so dang tall that kid i think is going to be bigger than me!!!!! hahaha!!!!!!! Oh hey tell grandpa alex thanks for all the stuff i can't find that address it was on so i can't write him back!!!!!! but tell him i said thank you!!!!! hahaha also i got christmas cards from uncle fred and uncle tio hahahah that was awesome and let them know that was funny everyone loves unlce ted!!!!!!! For the cox family thanks for all the support in the letters and everything don't worry about writing back i know that ya'll are busy and that i know how you feel about me!!!! i hope hahaha!!!!!! Lets see any funny storys for this week??!!! not any that i can think of sorry i will think of something and than tell you in a letter or something ok well sorry that this email is short i will try harder next time!!!!!! hasta luego I love you all so very much and can't wait to talk to you on the phone in a couple weeks!!!!!!! Thanks again everyone!!!!!
                                          Love, Cam, Hubbay, tamo, elder hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

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