Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cam's fourth email! :) wait... fourth or fifth?? I dunno!

Hey everyone!!!!!! i will try to look for elder padilla but it will be hard cause there are so many missionarys coming into the MTC!!!!!! We just had another district leave today so that means we are the 2 oldest in our zone!!!!!! The other district is just a week older than us!!!!!!!! i know its freaking crazy that im just about to start week 6!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so crazy but i can't wait to get out to Texas already its starting to get really old here and the food is starting to suck hahaha!!!!!!!! But its ok cause im losing weight like i have tightened my belt once again one more noch!!!!!! im a size 44 pant know or 42 not sure we will see!!!!!!!!!! Ya ive seen elder owens and he is fat hahaha but oh well right!!!!! um devin is district leader!!!!!! i got put as sacrament coordanator which is fun i set up all of the sacracment and that stuff which is just dandy!!!!!!! we should be getting our flight plans in about a week and a half!!!!!!! Oh before i forget if you wanna send packages before christmas you have to send them before the 22 of this month but you can still write me and all that good jazz!!!!!!!!!! Im so hungry right now ill probably just have a half a sandwhich or something like that!!!!!!!! ya mom my companions will leave the same day as me!!!!!!! and we will be on the same flight and everything so that is good!!!!!! We ran into a kid from Mcallen and he was telling us about the mission and he said its the highest baptizing mission in the U.S.!!!!!! He said that president Trayner is a stud and that we will absolutley love him and will just love the food and all that!!!!!!! He also said nothing to worry about down there he said there is a gang of mexicans down there like brandon said there called Santa Muerte which means the holy death and they worship the grim reaper he said to just stay away from them and just be friendly and don't convert them hahah ok thats fine with me!!!!!!! Ya your companions come in the same day you do no matter what but ya its good there still a little retarded and weird but oh well!!!! Ya it was so sad when elder king talked to me and i knew he was talking to his branch president already we were just waiting to see if he would stay or go and than thursday night he came up to me and said see ya!!!!!! i thought he was just kidding but he was choked up!!!!!! It was way sad for a little bit but im good now i know he is doing the right thing and will be back out i know it!!!!!!!! That is so awesome that you guys are going to Temple square tonight im so jealous but oh well you saw all the stupid little christmas lights we have here its just a little tiny strip we get to see but oh well you know atleast we have something!!!!!!! The package was awesome we loved it!!!!! Ya we want betos hahaha if you can send that My Good friend Elder albertson loves betos and wants a Texano burrito and i want a Carne Asada hahahahh!!!!!!!!! but anything works really anything!!!!!! Dieitng and running are going good i haven't ran this week but still feel like im losing weight which is awesome my goal is to lose 50 pounds before i come home!!!!!! My gut is getting smaller!!!!!! But ya anyway things are going good here we all can't wait to leave this place and get to our areas but at the same time we are freaking out cause our spanish is going to be terrible and really not that good but we need to just focus and do what is needed and thats to bring the spirit so that we can convert souls unto this gospel!!!!!! I can't believe that ive almost been out 2 months ahhhh i need to start kicking it in the butt cause time just flys out here and everyone just says it goes 10 times faster out in the field!!!!! Tell brandon and big mike to write me cause i wanna talk to them but any way thats good everyone is doing good!!!!!! Sky thank you so much for the letters!!!!! and Everything that package was so awesome and your videos you made were amazing i really like your christmas tree and all the decorations you are going to set up!!!!!! Ok what do you want me to do with all the SD cards cause im getting a collection so please let me know!!!!! Also Clint and Jamie i wrote you like 2 weeks ago and am still waiting for a letter so get on that Sky ahhahah!!!!!! I hope everything is going good and you are all getting ready for christmas next saturday that is going to be so weird without ya'll but its ok than after that only one more to go than "I'll be home for Christmas hahaha". Hows cody doing?? Hopefully he is doing good with seminary and all that cause that really should be the most important class in school the gospel really does bless others we just need to realize that also bear your testimonys ofter i found a cool scripture in D:C 62 verse 3 read that and than tell me how you feel!!!! Don't worry im focused like you have no idea i just can't really wait till i get out into the field and be able to walk on the street again and to eat food that is not from a cafeteria but its no worries!!!!!! I hope these next couple weeks fly by and than be in the Hot weather!!!!! EVERYONE PRAY FOR SNOW!!!!!!!! This is ridiculous so please pray for it cause i won't see it for the next year and 10 months!!!!! I can't wait to also ride in a car up to salt lake and also ride the airplane its going to be the best in the world!!!! And than also call you guys and hear your voices that is going to be the best thing in the world!!!!! ok well i gotta go but i love you all and im always praying for you can't wait to get your letters this week!!!!!!! Have fun tonight and be safe!!!!!!!!
                                  Love, Camo

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