Wednesday, December 15, 2010

4.8% Accomplished, 100% Happiness!

Okay so I am retarded haha that last email was his 5th!! We are starting week 6! Yay!! haha 
Lots of studying to do today.
So you are probably wondering why I am blogging...
Well my visiting teachers are coming over so I am doing this till they arrive :)
I think I will make Chicken Salad again for lunch! :)
It was so good!!
I hope I don't have to work tonight so I can study and workout
It snowed last night,
causing me not to workout this morning and to get a few more moments of sleep :)
But I did have another healthy breakfast and did some abs and cleaned my room so still feelin good!
Had a wonderful dream about Cam last night!
That made me happy!
I love feeling motivated and focused to study and have a good, positive day!
I challenge anyone who is reading this right now,
To be positive and have a beautiful day!

Reasons you should be happy today:
Christmas is coming!! (don't stress about money! Think about how Christ's parents had no money! Their gift to him was life and love! We should all give that this Christmas and focus less on what material things we can give and get)
We have a Savior and Father in Heaven who love us and are watching over us.
Life is short so be as happy as possible.
We have the power of prayer to help us get through our day and we can talk to our Heavenly Father!
We are so blessed!
We can talk, hear, walk, see, and smile! That is a gift all in itself!
See! There are so many reasons to be happy for this day that we are given!
Merry Christmas!
Have a wonderful day!
Sky :)


beka said...

Sky! I love your attitude! I hope finals are going great for you! I also couldn't work out because of the snow :( but you are a great example of persistence! ps. i think i need to get that chicken salad recipe :) i bet it's delicious

.just sky. said...

Thanks so much!! K so really it is so easy!!! :) I just made it haha but you just grill up some chicken and cut it up into little bites then put it in some lettuce and put the "Light Zesty Italian Dressing" over it and thats it!! super easy and yummy and healthy :)