Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It is like Christmas everyday I get a letter from my dear Elder Hunt!! I got another one today! They really make me so happy!! He is doing amazing!! He absolutely loves it and is so happy!! Here are his first 2 emails!!

On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 10:31 AM, Cameron Hunt wrote:
Hey mom I get to do my emails on monday cause that is my P-day right now we are doing laundry and esta bien its ok hahahaha!!!!! I hope you got my letter i sent one the night i got here so you should have it by now!!! make sure you send this to everyone that put there name on the email list so they all can see!!! I will write all of you a letter today when i get some time!!! It's amazing here your always busy and are always being watched basically but its so spiritual!!! I freaking love it!!! The language is coming along and i just am trying to humble myself so that i can learn it and be the best missionary that i can be!!! Thank you so much for sending me those letters!!! Sky i got your letters and dear elders and all that stuff i love mail its like christmas and its the freaking best!!!! So please keep sending me letters so that i can hear from you stinkys just kidding!!!! Um my companions are good they are super nerdy but its ok im just learning how to deal with it like they like to play world of warcraft and they both love video games and are super awkward when we teach lessons hahaha i'm a stud at teaching i gave a baptismal challenge and asked him to pray and go to church hahaha it was awesome!!! One is cross eyed and i try to refrain myself from laughing when he looks at me!!! Elder Woolf is from cedar hills and Elder Klopf is from Michigan he is the cross eyed one!!! any way i love it here its so freaking awesome and i can't wait to get out in the field to do this!!!! I wish that all of you could experience this!!!! Um OH THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR THOSE PACKAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP LIKE I WAS IN HEAVEN SKY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! YOU KNEW JUST WHAT TO SEND ME!!! MOM THANKS FOR TAKING CARE OF ME I LOVED ALL OF YOUR STUFF!!! I have been eating really healthy and running everyday i eat salads or wraps every meal but breakfast cause i wanna lose weight!!! So i can come back a Capo (stud) hahaha!!! Jamie thank you so much for that flower i was laughing so hard and was about to cry!!! Cody prepare now to serve you would love the MTC its such a funny and awesome place its hard to explain but being in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ is the most amazing feeling in the world!!! If you send me that little SD card i will send you the one i have!!!! i have so many pictures like over 200 already and a ton of videos that are funny i think!!! Um the food is amazing here and like i said im being good eating healthy and i have so much energy i just love feeling like this!!! Sky you will be impressed when i come home i promise you!!!!! :) I fit on my bed ok like i don't hang off or anything but i do feel squashed but not that bad i sleep so good cause your always tired and sleepy cause your mentally always thinking!!!! My whole district Cody is full of "sweet spirits" hahahah you will see when i send home the SD card its funny but they are all so freaking awesome!!!! Ya mom i have everything so far i think!!!! i got my shot it was $70 bucks and it freaking hurt but its ok im strong and didn't hurt.... ok it did!!! Spanish is good my teacher said don't worry about spanish cause its that last thing we are here to do we are here to bring others to Christ and Spanish will follow and thats what i have been doing and its working!!! My whole zone just speaks spanish to all of us all the time im so grateful for that and i just love it!!! I have P-day on monday and that is when i go to the Temple at 7 a.m. it was so amazing this morning i cried in the celestial room thinking a lot about you guys but when i was praying i got the feeling that the Lord will take care of all of you while im gone!!! Sky keep up the good work and stay positive and busy i know and promise that you will do that best job at that!!! Keep helping my mom so that she doesn't cry all the time!!! hahahaha!!!! wow what to say i have 9 minutes on the computer!!! Oh last night when we go back to the residence hall we have meditation or napkin peotry and we meditated hahaha!!! Let me just say that there was a lot of energy that was released in that room aka (farting) hahahaha!!! I've never laughed so hard in my laugh its amazing i will try to record it tonight so that you can see what we do!!!! I miss all of you but i know that we will see eachother again and that this is the right place for me to be and i really can't wait to see all of you again!!! Time is really flying by i've almost been in a week!!! Wow the saying in the MTC is that days fell like weeks but weeks feel like days and thats really how i feel!!!! Oh Momma Cox thanks for sending me some more stamps i'm going to be needing those cause im going to write all of you guys and my family a ton!!! I enjoy hearing from you so much i can't explain letters keep me going and keep my spirit up so that makes me wanna work hard!!! I hope that all is well back home i know it is!!!! well i have 5 minutes left and if i don't send it by than it will close!!! I love you all so dearly and please know that i just don't say that as a represantative of Jesus Christ i Promise that i Love you with all my heart!!!! I just will end this email in my testimony!!!! Yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadero y Jesucristo es mi salvodor yo se que Jose smith was a profeta!!! estoy agradecido por mi familia y mi amigos!!! estoy agradecido por Skyler and su familia!!! I love you all and take care of yourselves while im gone time will fly i promise i write you letters today!!!!!!!!!! all my love
                                     Love, Camo      (Elder Hunt)

 Monday, November 22, 2010, 10:32 AM

Hey Everyone!!!! Make sure to send to everyone again!!!! Everything is going good im just chilling here doing the laundry as usual!!!! Things are going good right now im sick with the MTC bug and it sucks i don't feel sick at all but i have the worst sore throat and caugh!!! Things are going good like i said we just came back from the temple and that was amazing i prayed for all of you and just felt so good that everything was going to be great when im gone!!! Well ive been in this place for 2 weeks on wednesday and it seems fast but slow at the same time!!! Thanks for everyone that is sending me packages there are so awesome don't send any more gum cause we can chew gum at all!!!! So send mints hahaha preferable ice breakers green or whatever!!! How are things going at home anything exciting besides cody shooting the world??!!! Sky thank you so much for the letters they help so much we get to check the mail everyday besides saturday after 2 and sunday so we check after lunch and dinner so feel free to send letters whenever you want and how many you want is completely up to you!!! Ive sent a lot of mail this weekend so most of you should be getting mail!!! They don't pick up mail on the weekend so your letter won't come till today or tomorrow i think!!! Wow im such a slow typer!!! any who thats cool that byu and utah both won we can here the noise from the stadium from here!!!! but oh well oh Sky how was the games?? Good i hope!!!! I miss all of you very very much and can't wait to see you guys again!!! Don't worry time will fly by so fast you have no idea how fast it goes by while your in the MTC!!!! My stomach doesn't hurt anymore so you don't have to worry about that ok!!!! wow you ask alot of questions hahaha!!! Don't worry thats fine its just i have a hard time remembering everything that you try and ask!!!! I got a letter from parker finally and that was so awesome to hear from him!!! Oh by the way im sending my SD card today as soon as i put my laundry in the dryer!!! I hope you love it!!! there is some funny stuff on there mostly me making fun of my companions and making weird faces after they say something stupid hahaha!!!! Well Mom Sky has been telling me that you guys lay on my bed and talk about me!!! How is the good old california king?? Oh don't worry my little twin here is perfect i don't move at all and sleep like a champ!!! Sundays here are the best like honestly at night we have a fireside and then we get to watch films!!!!!!! Those are the best everyone is dying to watch movies here so far last sunday i watched the testaments and yesterday we watched Joesph Smith the Restoration i challenge you to watch that film and know that He was a true prophet of God!!!! Sky When Joesph smith road to carthidge i was wondering How hard was that for both of them to say goodbye until they meet in heavan!!!??? And than i thought about us for very hard and how that applied to us in this situation!!!?? Well I thought that this is nothing compared to what Joesph and Emma had to do we have a short time before we see eachother and im so grateful for that!!! So when time gets tough just remember that story and know that i will be there shortly!!!! Any way How is everyone doing!!! I just went and sent off my SD card i hope that you will get it today!!!! Make sure everyone see's it!!!! Mom thanks for just being amazing i want you and dad to know that if it weren't for you always being there for me!!! I don't think that i would be here right now expressing my love for you guys!!! Spanish is still slow and i barely know anything just how to meet people pray and testify and extend commitments well some, and searching in the scriptures!!!! Hows the food at home!?? at here its ok not the best but its still good i think ive been really eating so healthy a salad or a wrap everyday!!! Those are amazing!!! I feel a lot better and feel like my pants are starting to get a little loose so that is good!!! My goal is to lose 50 pounds before coming home so i can look like a stud for all you!!! (mainly skyler) hahahaha!!!! Ive promised myself that i wouldn't look at a scale i just want to see results and it helps so much to keep going and feeling good!!!! Sky you should try it just look for results not scale pounds!!! Ok i promise it helps a lot!!!! Well we should have general authorities coming to talk to us this week and that should be amazing and were all so excited!!!! and i can't wait to hear from them!!! and also that during christmas our branch president said that the prophet and his two counselors never miss a christmas to come and talk to the missionaries!!!! So we get to hear from the prophet and i get to be 100 feet away from him litterally!!! Well i got to get going but write me soon!!! Yo se que la iglesia is verdedera y presidente thomas s. monson is un profeta de dios!!!! yo se que le libre de mormon is verdedera y la palabra de dios!!! yo se que espiritu santo is there whenever you need him!!!! yo amo ustedes mucho!!!! Have a great week and know that im always praying for you!!!!! digo estas costas in el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.  I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!
                                      Love, Big Camo

I love him so so much and Love him with everything that I have!! I will keep this updated on his mission and life!! :)

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