Tuesday, August 31, 2010

its called a "sky" moment.

Somewhere in this brain of mine, i had programed that my physics class started at 1:00 today so i took my time getting ready and doing homework and just relaxing this morning! Come to find out as i am waiting outside my classroom that the class i thought was late getting out that i was listening to and waiting to clear the room was indeed the class i was supposed to be in! Yes i missed my class! haha the first day too! oh i am so blonde sometimes! So then i went and bought the rest of my books which was another $30 BLAH!! But yes this is my "sky" moment of the day. Thank you. haha


beka said...

Sky! Who do you have for physics? I also had physics today! are you in 105?

.just sky. said...

yeah!! if we are in the same physics class that would be just fabulous!! i have stokes... i hope we have the same class so you can fill me in on what i missed because i am blonde hahaha