Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Im dearly sorry i haven't updated in a while, my blog was blocked by BYU's internet system.... but now i have it back :) Life here at the Y has been just fabulous!! :) I moved in last wednesday to my cute little apartment! Oh how i love it so much! And also my roommates! They are so cute and so fun! Im way excited for this year! Friday was me and Cam's anniversary and it was such a fun day!! Unfortunately i had to work 12-4:30 so he just sat home by himself and waited for me to get off work. Then after work we went with his family to a really yummy pizza buffet in Riverton! I ate so much but it was such good pizza!! Then we went to Cody's football game at Riverton! It rained so much!! Then at halftime it poured!!! and for some reason me and cam thought it would be fun to start a water fight with our waterbottles haha he is the best ever!! Then there was lightening so then they delayed the game a whole hour!! We ended up losing the game unfortunately. It was such a long game with delays and everything! But Cody played great!! :) Then all soaking wet we came home and had presents!! :) Cam got me my absolute favorite flowers! DAISIES :) They are beautiful! Then i got him a journal and wrote him a little note in it :) Then we just watched a movie! :) I love him so so much! He is such a blessing in my life! :)

Saturday we went to Drew and Wiggy's football game! It was so cute to see all the little guys runnin around! :) Then we went back to cam's house and Played :) It was an adventure for sure!! So fun! Then i had to work.... It was alright though! Then i played with cam again and we had a good and spiritual night! :)

Sunday i went to my new ward! It was good! Sacrament meeting was really good!! Then i went to cams house and we made breakfast sandwiches and had question time! That was interesting haha but still good! :) I went to Misty's house for dinner and then Cam came up for desert! Then we went back to my apartment and cam watched She's the Man while i did some homework!

Yesterday was my first day of school and i loved it! There are 750 people in my American Heritage class! So crazy! :) But all my teachers seem really cool and i really did love it!! :) Then i went with cam to get his hair cut and then we went and got groceries! He made fun of me because i used coupons but it saved me lots of money!!! Then i had to work.... But it was actually fun because nobody really came in and so i just did my project and then cleaned and me and Jace just played around haha i actually got off right at 10 for the first time! (side note, my roommate has been in the shower for like a half an hour now! haha) I love long talks with Cam on the phone! they are the best ever! :) So we talked for a while and then we were both really tired so off to bed!

I only have one class today so it will be very nice! Then I hang out with mom a little and also cam :) But for now im gonna do some homework! heeeeyaaahhh!! :)

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Stacey said...

The buffet you speak of is one of my FAVORITE places to eat. Rock Creek Pizza YUMMY!!!!