Sunday, August 22, 2010


In church today, we had a very nice sacrament meeting about goals which inspired me to make a few myself! Some short term and some long term. Some serious and some silly.

Today I challenged cam to a little competition including goals. Here is how it works. So first we make a goal for the week (health and fitness wise) then we work so super hard to make our goal and whoever doesn't make their goal by Sunday.... well we haven't figured that out yet but it will be something good! I love working out with the husband! He's such a trooper! haha even though i do yell at him he still loves me and goes with me :) Gotta get ourselves healthy!! :)

My goal: 3 pounds and no junk food
Cam's goal: 5 pounds and no soda

My overall goal: down to 124 pounds and maintained (-20)
Cam's overall goal: 250 by November 10th (-30)

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