Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New day :)

Today is a new and great day! I will now share with you my thoughts!

This morning's workout was really good!! I felt a lot better about myself and did great!! I had an omlette for breakfast which was delicious!! Now i am debating on a small nap just before i get all the way ready for work which starts at 12! Then i will work so happily at AE and be all chippy and cheery!! :) Then i will come home and get ready to take out my revenge (code for killer workout) on the dear husband that i love so much!! It with be just fantasic/sweaty/happiness :) Depending on when Kaylie's game is, we will then either go to that or shower and come back to my house to eat, do laundry, and pack everything in my car all ready to take down to my apartement tomorrow! Can you believe i move out tomorrow?! So so crazy! :) Well that is my day planned!

Im so so excited for friday because my sweet cam is taking me on a surprise date for our 3 month anniversary :) I love him so so much!! He really is the biggest sweetheart and i could not ask for anything more!

Im really excited to meet lisa for the first time in person tomorrow! We have talked on facebook many times but we have yet to meet in person! Im so excited to move in with lisa and kayla! :) We are going to have so much fun together!! i hope they don't get scared of my craziness haha we will just have a blast and it will surely be an adventure!!

Im getting my hair done on thursday and on my list of favoritest things in the world it is at #2!! Cam and my  family tie at first!!! Im so so excited to just sit and relax while i get my hair done! :)

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