Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Prince Charming :)

I want a boy who...
always opens my door for me.
always kisses me goodnight.
is honest and true.
keeps his promises.
is always by my side when danger is near to keep me safe.
doesn't let me pay for anything, even when i want to.
keeps me our of harms way.
is worthy.
tells me he loves me everyday.
tells me im beautiful even when im having a fat day.
is carrying everything so i don't have to and then appologizes that he isn't holding my hand.
controls my shopping addictions.
loves my parents and my family.
tells me everything.
enjoys spending time with my family.
remembers all the little things and special moments.
is hardworking and is always working towards his dreams and goals.
is my best friend.
calls me sweetheart.
perfect for me.


oh thats right... i already have him :)

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