Sunday, July 4, 2010

I have a dane good life :)

I took Mindy to school with me haha she is going to be so funny in college :) She'll pick up quick... i hope! then me, mindy, vanessa and britt went up to see the drill team perform at drill camp. They did their hip hop. They did really good! We went to the outlets and just had a way fun time and then i went to cams house and said hi to him and played with the kittys because all the girls were tired!
I cleaned my room! Then at 12 I went to work until 4:30 and then GIRLS NIGHT!! yay! :) I wanted to play a little trick and i went and bought a fake promise ring and wore it to see who would notice first and who would freak out the most, but it ended up being not very funny.... oh well. We went to Chilis for dinner! so yummy and then off to see ECLIPSE!! oh goodness it was so good!! :) I loved it!
Work dragged on forever and ever! Absolutely no one came in and i had just nothing to do! Oh gosh i almost died! But then i got to go home early! :) I took a short nap and then went to get a shake with cam and played just dance with him and his mommy :) haha he got mad at me that night so he stormed outside and was like "i need to blow something up!" haha so i just sat there in the lawn chair while he got all his frustrations out and just laughed!
For work i took Jamie's kids to the Lindon Pool! haha yay! All i really had to do was watch rachel but she was a handfull! So fun though! Especially when rachel was dancing under the waterfall haha so funny!! Then i went home and took a shower and cam picked me up and took me to his house for dinner! So yummy! and then we came back to my house and made BYU cookies :) i had to make cam a Utah one. Then we took Kaylie, Brayden and two of his friends to Lazer Tag! That was way fun!! :)
I had school until 11 and then went and talked to my dear Kenzie at work :) I just love our little talks! and then cam got off work at 12 so he picked me up and took me to this amazing Polonysian place for lunch! It was so yummy! Then we watched "Space Balls" 1 and a half times :) haha we played around until it was time to go to Cam's family BBQ. I loved it! We tie died shirts for the Hunt family reunion and ate such good food! then we went to my Harding family BBQ for a bit. I showed him around my grandma's and we played frisbie with kate and halle and her friend. Then we went back to his house and sat in the stupid chairs outside because it was so nice and watched his neighbors light fireworks. Then we went and saw Eclipse! haha we were so tired but cam liked it!!
This was the best day!! Cam picked me up around 8:15 in the morning and we went up AF Canyon and went Jeeping! :) It was a blast! We rode around by the grave yard and then up to the coal mines where we had lunch! It was gorgeous! and i honestly can say i trust cameron with my life! The end. haha really though i feel so safe with him! We drove the 4wheelers back and the first few minutes i was scared but i know im in good hands with cam and the lord working together! We tried to make it back in time to float the provo river but that didn't really happen. We both took showers and got some stuff for strawberries and cream and then sat down to watch Big Fat Liar. Both of us were just zoning though! We were beat! Then we went to Jamie's house for a little BBQ it was seriously so good! I love how well cam and jamie and clint get along! I love how interested they are in his life and what he is doing and it makes him open up just that much more and they really just get to know all of cam! I love that! :) Then cam started showing clint his jeep and everything and clint took us back and showed us his Impala and sand car... which made cam want one! haha I told him after schooling and i get my audi he can have one :) Then we went to the PG fireworks, or should i say world war 3???!! It was so scary! Some of the fireworks shot out into the audience! My dear cam... So he was sitting right next to me and then got up to say hi to someone, so i just was watching the fireworks and all of a sudden they started shooting into the audience and he booked it over to me to make sure i was safe and stayed with me the rest of the night holding me, he said "I can't have my baby get hurt! I will protect you no matter what!" Yep and thats when the heart melts!! :) but the fireworks were scary!! one landed in a lady's lap and went off! she's okay but her hearing was a bit jammed! Then we went back and attempted to watch wipe out but of course i couldn't stay awake! so then cam just said goodnight and i went straight to sleep! I freaking love cameron! Everytime i look at him or am just with him i fall in love with him all over again! I feel so safe with him and I've never loved someone the way i love him! :) Thank you for the amazing weekend sweetheart! I love you! :)

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