Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth of July Festivities :)

Cam came over to my house at 5:00 in the morning :) We went and got doughnuts and then headed down to provo for the balloon festival and fourth of july parade! Cameron has never been to either before!! So crazy but i loved him being there with my family! :) Such a trooper :)
The parade was good! Kinda long but we were nice and cool and ate so many freaking doughnuts!!
After the parade the family went over to mom's house and we put up the blow up slide and had KFC! Cam brought over his waterballoon shooter and that was a blast! Everyone loved it! I've never seen everyone play together like they did at the house!! :) We also had relays on the slide and that was a blast! they were all trying various tricks on the slide :)
We went to Utah lake with jamie and clint after mom's house! We attempted to go boating but the boat kinda died right when we got on the lake haha! clint was trying to bring us back to the shore haha and he got off the boat and was holding on for dear life trying to swim and then realized he could stand hahahaha it was hilarious!! :) so we just went swimmin and it was so fun!! cam made a beard on me with mud but then he wouldn't kiss me after because it looked so real and he said it was like kissing a man haha! what a butt! :) But it really was a blast!!
Then back to my house for fireworks!! :) Our little whimpy fireworks haha. Dad's dance was priceless though!! I loved it! Rachel and Cam just love each other so she sat with us all night! She's so freaking cute! :)
Husband and Rach :)

This was by far the best fourth of july i've ever had! I loved every minute of it!! :)

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