Friday, July 16, 2010

A Plethera of Events

Last Saturday, the adults in my family went on a rino/jeep ride for Misty, Kellie and Jamie's birthdays!! It was a blast! :) We went up Cascade Springs and it was gorgeous!! I loved getting out and walking around all the springs and also just being with Cam and the family!! Mom rode in the Jeep on the way back haha she made us put on seatbelts and we were going like 7 MPH haha gotta love her! :)
Monday we went up to Brayden's game in ogden. His team didn't do so well. And then came home and Cam came over and made a fire!! That night I slept out on the tramp with Brayden and Brooklynn.
Tuesday I went on a great walk with Jamie!! Loved it! and then work at Tomlinson Graphics and at American Eagle!! Then straight to Tazz's game with cam! :) Then me and Cam STUDIED so so hard for my test :) :) :)
 Wednesday was a great day!! :) Good enough to have its own post!! so please hold :)


meg. said...

you two are rather adorable.

& i stalk your blog.
it's lovely.

.just sky. said...

Thank you much!
I seem to enjoy it!
and i also love yours!