Wednesday, July 28, 2010

...blow out the candles. :)

so after my last blog i got quite distracted haha. So i will discuss my last items of intrest in my life!

Cam got his mission call to McAllen, Texas!! :) yay!! :) He was so excited and so was i!! He is absoultely amazing and he is going to be an amazing missionary! There were so many people there! He got it in the morning and wouldn't let go of it! He even brought the call to my work!! haha what a silly! Im so so so excited that he is close and that its not gonna cost me a fortune to send him packages! Plus for the first 9 weeks we will be living literally 2 minutes away from each other!! hahaha
I got a new job!! at American Eagle in the Provo mall!! I like it alot! I don't work very much right now but it will get there! My favorite people to work with are Jace and Heather! They are so much fun! Plus i get everything 50% off in the store so yes i have done some shopping!! haha :) But yay sky has a second job!! haha
Last wednesday i went camping with cam and his family for the Hunt family reunion... It was the funnest camping trip ever!! I loved every second of it! We stayed until sunday! The first day we got there we set up camp and then went on a 4wheeler ride and went fly fishing!! It was so much fun! The second day we went to the lake and went cliff jumping! :) So so so much fun!! Then when we got back Cam's contact ripped and we had to run down to provo to get another pair! We had tin foil dinners that night and they were so so good!  The third day i went on a nice run and then we made bottle cap necklaces in the morning and mine are freaking cute i love them so much! Noel is just amazing at making sure everyone is having a good time and doing something! Then we went cliff jumping again, cam was kinda in a bad mood but its okay!! i still had fun!! Then when we got back he went on a walk with me in the woods and started carving our tree :) We took many rides on the 4wheeler and just had a wonderful time!! His family was being really funny that night! Definitely a new experience for me!! haha I fell asleep in his arms that night. The Fourth day we had amazing Captain Crunch French Toast and then we went really early to the lake to cliff jump yet again haha i could never get tired of that! It was a blast! When we got back to camp we made more necklaces and cam even made me one!! haha He even made it symbolic and everything! haha :) what a cutie :) Then we went and finished our tree and took many more 4 wheeler rides. We hit this one bump perfect everytime and just fly!! Its so freaking fun!! :) That night cam ate way too much so we just went into the trailer and we were so tired that we were falling asleep together and we decided just to go to bed early that night!! Sunday morning we just ate, packed up, and headed home! It was definitely a trip to remember! I love my Cam! :)

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