Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Night :)

Last night was the funniest night of my life! hahahahaha So me and cam went to Brayden's baseball game and had so much fun there and then on our way home we stopped by the Mexican Market and bought these huge marshmallows!! they are seriously so big!! Then we took Tazz to get ICEEs. My favorite new mix, Cherry and Pina colada! Then we went home and made my mommy her new "your love is my drug" ringtone, what a crazy haha :) Then cam made fire! the whole family came out and we roasted marshmallows and just talked around the fire. it was so so fun!! haha Dad got one and he couldn't get it to cook and was like " something is terribly wrong with this thing!!" Then mom was cooking hers and she brought it up and it was gonna fall of the stick. We told her mom its going to fall! She just said i know and waved it around in the air until it landed right on her pants and slid down onto her shoe and just everywhere! hahahahahahaha oh my gosh we laughed for the longest time! and then while we are laughing dad sticks his whole mallow in the fire so then brayden sees it and is like "ah dad!" and dad sees it and is like "woah!!" haha and flings it out of the fire! It really was so so entertaining! :) Me cam and tazz just couldn't stop laughing! :) It really was the funnest night and definitely the most memorable!!!!!!!! :)

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