Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Camera Reel

I have done so so much lately!! Its crazy and since a picture is worth a thousand words i thought i'd just show you everything in pictures! :)

This is from our girls night! We went and saw "Killers" so so funny!! and then went to Applebees and then to kenzie's surprise birthday party! What a fun and spiritual night! :)
BBQ in the canyon with mikey and friends... lighter fluid hamburgers hahaha its okay we had pancakes :)
the next night we went to the John Allred concert!! I loved it! :)
Youth Conference!! Was such a blast! We went to Flaming Gorge! :) We floated the green river and all of us just has so much fun together! so happy i had my entire family there!!!

Strawberry Days rodeo!! :) So much fun haha and Cam and Mikey really do secretly love each other!! :)
Me and Cam went up jeeping to silver lakes after the strawberry days parade and walking through provo canyon and my brothers game and it was so pretty!! It was so much fun to just go up there and enjoy the lake and have fun with cameron!! :)

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