Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cameron must really like Midgets....

Date night was so much fun last night!! :) Me and Cam went with Jamie and Clint and just had a blast!!! We first went to the Smoking Apple for dinner. It was so so good!! Like the BBQ was amazing! :) then we went to see "Grown Ups". We got out of the car and started for the theater doors when a midget girl came down the same isle of cars as us... i had to try to keep cameron quiet! little terd wouldn't stop laughing!!! haha she was itty bitty though! Then we get into the theater and cameron eats a piece of popcorn off the floor that clint dropped so then clint loves it and starts throwing cam popcorn for cam haha like a little dog!! it was so funny! then in the movie before it started they all started making fun of my toes!! :( so sad! haha. butt heads!! The movie was way funny, a little over the edge sometimes though but its okay! Then we got cold stone for desert and then took Jamie and Clint home! We had a way good time! :)

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Jamie said...

Oh my gosh...I'm seriously laughing! That was a lot of fun. Me and Clint decided that him and Cam liked that movie more than us because they are all about making fun of others...and yes, there was A LOT of that in the movie! LOL

I am really CRAVING me some Smoking Apple right about now!!! YUM :)