Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Dip

I was taught today by my dear sweetheart about "The Dip". The moment in your life where you just have to push your hardest to get through and keep pressing forward toward your biggest goals. I believe today is the day i get out of my "Dip". Today is the day i change my life and make promises to myself to always look towards my goal and never look back! To listen to my heart and always council with the lord about my questions, not others. Today I learn to make decisions for me, and trust myself! The decisions im making right now are crucial, but i know, with the lords help, I will do what is best for me and really enjoy life! Today i take responsibility for myself and basically grow up! And.... I feel good! I really do feel good about my life right now and everything i am doing! I have no regrets. Today I start fresh and will endure to the end making all my wildest dreams come true! I owe this day to Cameron. He's really helped to become a better person and see my true potential. I trust him with all my heart and i know he's going to be supporting me just as much as i support him! :) I love you cam :)


Jamie said...

School, Work, The Gospel, A great family, A Sweet Guy that cares about YOU...what else could you ask for? Enjoy :)

.just sky. said...

i know really though!! I have the most amazing family, the guy of my dreams, a strong testimony of the truthfullness of the gospel and a heavenly father who knows me and loves me and is watching out for me.... I am truly blessed!