Wednesday, April 21, 2010

to whom it may concern...

a few items of business i feel are in order to discuss.

1. I had that dream again! On monday night... ya know the weird one about marrying someone else and hating it while casey was on his mission?? yeah that one!! gah he needs to leave right now! Is this dream supposed to be telling me something im just not getting??

2. I miss my best friend yamesy :(  I feel as if i never see him anymores and i kinda dislike him having a girlfriend because then he never has time for his best friend... its okay though... i just really miss one on one time with him getting all our problems out.

3.  casey... hmmm... yeah he just needs to leave on his mission now. the end.

4.  cameron... well this boy is bipolar sometimes haha i don't really know what he wants! Yeah he makes me laugh and can be funny but he can be boring as well... but im so so so so excited for prom!! :)

5. Senior dinner dance tomorrow night! I really am so excited! I got a new dress and i love it and its just going to be so much fun!! :)  I cannot believe i am a senior! Is that so so so weird?

6.  Today spiritually was really good!! very tired so i will have to tell you tomorrow but so so good!!! :)

7. Just remember the 2-step was a very very different thing for you than it is for me!! hahaha :)

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