Friday, April 23, 2010

Senior dinner dance and the G.I.T. 5 :)

G.I.T 5 - Sky, Britt, Mindy, Julia and Vness :)

This was one of the funnest nights of my life!! I loved it! All the girls, cept britt who was late haha, came over to my house to get ready for the senior dinner dance.  It was so fun to be all dressed up! Before that we had taken off the top of my jeep and put my new stickers on it :) We had our little photo shoot and then off to the dance where my mommy basically followed us the whole way there haha.  Magleby's catered and it was so yummy!! we took tons of fun pictures and voted on like best smile and hair and all that fun stuff! Then the dance!!! It was so fun to just be with my girls and  go crazy!! Cameron did ask me to dance which i loved :) We had so much fun with just everyone and also being with the G.I.T 5! Best friends forever!!! :)

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