Monday, April 19, 2010

today :D

I have actually enjoyed this day very much! funny conversation with my dear friend trent :) laughing at mr. brailsford for being old haha. seminary... umm... just remind me to never sit by mark again... he was just a little too over the top today. worked on a few test corrections in math... need some serious help in there! lunch at home with mommy. yoga day :) got to do my headstands! then off to take a forever long math test!! 1:30 to 6 to be exact. not too bad though!! The weather has just been gorgeous today and im loving it!! :) i attempted laying out but got bored so i went on a bike ride with my bestest friend brother taz :) it was so so much fun and i loved every moment of it. came in and had family night. talked about the girls BYU rugby team and their amazing story about standing up for what they believe in. so inspiring and im so excited to be going to school there!! i love love love my family!! ate some cake and then went outside to throw a few baseballs with my brother :) this has been a really good day in my opinion and i think i know why.... because im doing the things i should be and i started my day off right with a really intentful prayer and kept the spirit with me :) the church is true and i love it so so much!! :) temple tomorrow night :) can't wait!

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