Tuesday, March 23, 2010

this day. haha.

it has been a day let me tell ya. first to the temple with kaytlin :) i loved it! i did some family names for a kid at my school. the last names were duvall, lacey, barks, and wisdom. :) i love the temple. then i went to school and got my grades up! my mommy convinced me to go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned only to leave the dentist three hours later with a root canal! i was freakin out! then i came home and took a two hour nappy :) and now i getting ready to go watch ten of casey's nieces and nephews :) hahaha oh and i still have yet to start packing for nationals. love it haha. but yeah that is my day :) gotta love surprise days where nothing you planned gets done!

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